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Wedding games are a great way to enhance the entertainment factor of your special day for guests of all ages. Whilst having fun, they’ll be encouraged to mingle, learn and create new and magical memories with each other and with you. The best part is- wedding games don’t need to break the bank! Here are some of the best cheap and cheery games we’ve come across so far…




Just like Ellen does on her show, you can play a huge game at your own wedding. You and your partner will be positioned sitting back-to-back, holding one of each of your shoes. From here, your wedding party will read out a question or statement, and you will raise the shoe of whoever the answer or statement best applies to. If you want to go the extra mile and get everyone involved, pass around paddles for each guest to raise to represent you and your partner, so they can play along too!




Yes, an activity book. Just like the ones you used as kids- only more relevant to you today. It’s the perfect form of entertainment to keep guests busy between meals and can include personal and unique games such as, word searches, drawing challenges, colouring pages and more. It’s also a wonderful take-home gift for all of your guests to remember your wedding forever.




(As wedding photographers, we love this one!)

Not your traditional long-car-ride game, but a new twist on an old favourite. Provide disposable cameras to tables of guests and formulate a list of things that guests could ‘spy’ at your wedding and then take a photo of- which you can get developed later. This is bound to keep your guests entertained and excited and helping you savour every moment of your special day.

Some ideas of things guests may ‘spy’ at your wedding include;

Group selfies, flower bouquets, an epic dancer, and even you and your partner.


These are just a few of our favourite simple and fun wedding games for your inspiration! If you want to learn more and have a consultation about photography and videography on your wedding day, contact us today!


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