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Eight Uniquely Victorian Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations

An enchanting, traditional wedding in an elegant, picturesque location appeals to the sensibilities of a lot of couples, and such a ceremony can be a marvellous occasion for your closest friends and family to celebrate a couple’s commitment to each other. However, some people want their wedding to be a little different, and so search for a special venue that is not only perfect for their big day, but also provides couples with the creative freedom to add their own personal ideas and flair to the proceedings. By choosing to host a unique wedding experience you are ensuring that you will have amazing memories of the day for years to come. Here are some of the best locations, from both inner-city Melbourne and just a short distance outside of it, for hosting a slightly unconventional, yet nevertheless amazing, wedding.


Avalon Castle

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1 Flora Close, Waratah Way, Cockatoo, 3781
This gorgeous traditionally designed castle looks like it was taken directly out of a fairy-tale setting. It is such an amazing location, that the question is not ‘what does it offer?’, but rather ‘what doesn’t it offer?’, and the answer is nothing! Gorgeous bluestone outer walls, mammoth doorways perfect for making a grand entrance, an exquisite water fountain, and onsite accommodation for people looking to turn the wedding into a weekend getaway, this amazing location can host either indoor receptions in the grand, spacious interior, or offer couples an outdoor wedding amongst incredible natural backdrops and cute native wildlife.
In fact, you could even mix it up by opting for an outdoor reception here, and an indoor wedding ceremony, or vice versa. Located just a short distance outside the CBD, this location is perfect for couple’s looking for a wedding venue that is both unique and different, whilst still ensuring that their big day is an enjoyable, unforgettable experience for everyone.


Melbourne Zoo 

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Elliott Avenue, Parkville, 3052.
When you think of what makes an extraordinary wedding day, do you think of relaxing in blooming vegetation, enjoying an impromptu stroll through a butterfly house, and saying ‘hi’ to some beautiful giraffes? It may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect venue, but one thing is certain: Weddings at the Melbourne Zoo are unique, unforgettable occasions, and provide the most incredible photo opportunities.
This venue offers couples the opportunity to host their wedding in a natural, resplendent environment, full of the calming sounds of wildlife, and some gorgeous animals who provide the perfect backdrop to the proceedings. Further, this location offers a wide range of stylish event rooms, perfect for hosting both the reception and ceremony, amongst gorgeous surroundings.
Weddings at the Melbourne Zoo offer something for all couples, from the gorgeous native trees to the stunning gardens, unique photo opportunities, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as safely feeding giraffes from a distance. If you are after a special, enchanting wedding day that offers an experience different from the norm, then strongly consider hosting your special day at this exquisite location.


Mon Bijou

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187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000.
Mon Bijou is an amazing, magnificently decorated penthouse, located in the middle of the CBD. Some of the benefits of selecting it as your wedding venue include stunning rooftop views of the city of Melbourne, exquisite architecture that appeals to both traditional, with its classical design, and contemporary tastes, as it has all the conveniences and luxuries expected of modern wedding venues. It also offers a gorgeously decorated event room that is ideal for both daytime and evening weddings.
After hosting your wedding here and taking in the gorgeous near-skyline views of the CBD, you will see Melbourne city in a whole new light. Further, with an amazing selection of cuisine options to delight your taste buds, weddings hosted at Mon Bijou are not only unique and special, but they are also a fun, happy occasion for everyone.


Luna Park

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18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda, 3182.
Weddings can already be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, so it seems like a perfectly apt metaphor to host your big day near a real life one. Weddings at St Kilda’s Luna Park offer an inimitable location filled with flamboyance, fantasy, and fun. How amazing and unique would it be to exchange vows overlooking the glowing funfair lights, the funky Speedy Beetle roller coaster, and of course, the amazing beachside location.
Luna Park offers a range of venue rooms that can be tailored to all different styles of weddings, including the Moon Deck, which is a gorgeous rooftop deck draped in glamour and elegance which offers incredible views of the adjacent beach and parks, and the Luna Palace Function Room, which offer an enchanting three-course dining experience filled with sophisticated style and suave seating. Ideal for both intimate and larger weddings, it can seat up to 250 people for an amazing three-course dinner, or over 500 people for a more relaxed, cocktail party.
While most people may not think of Luna Park as the ideal location for their big day, the fact is this venue offers such a perfect combination of traditionally styled event rooms and luxuries, fun activities, photo opportunities, and incredible views, that weddings here can still incorporate traditional proceedings and heartfelt declarations of love, in a spontaneous atmosphere, filled with wonderful whimsy and auspicious amusement.


Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

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King St, Melbourne, 3000.
Committing to getting married is often referred to as ‘taking the plunge’, but weddings hosted at this marvellous wedding venue take that a bit more literally, by surrounding the newlyweds with a wide array of stunning deep-sea life and views. Imagine how memorable your wedding day will be by hosting it at this whimsical marine-themed venue, in which you can exchange vows as swordfish and sharks swim adjacent to you.
In addition to providing guests with amazing views of the stunning oceanarium, which provides exceptional experiences, amazing photo opportunities, and a day that can be enjoyed by everyone, this venue also offers a wide selection of lovely reception rooms, delectable delicacies, and amazing wine packages. This ensures that weddings hosted here are not only unique and amazing, but that couples can enjoy all the heartfelt wedding traditions that they have long dreamed about, in one of the most unique wedding venues that Melbourne has to offer.


State Library of Victoria

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328 Swanston St, Melbourne, 3006.
Located in a prime location, directly opposite Melbourne Central Station in the CBD, the State Library of Victoria may not seem like an immediate choice for a wedding venue, yet it offers a wonderfully eclectic range of wedding options and function rooms conducive to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Where do we start? The building has a long-standing, renowned history, dating back almost two centuries. Its history and presence resonate, with its collection of books cataloguing the history of the state, expansive, spacious staircases beautifully adorned with marble, and a host of luxurious, elegant rooms and facilities that permeate history and grandeur.
It has several exquisite rooms available for weddings, including the magnificent, luminescent, arched La Trobe Reading Room, and the Cowen Gallery, in which a collection of close to 50 beautiful artworks are on display, providing guests with amazing discussion pieces and conversation starters.
In short, weddings hosted at this venue are not soon forgotten, as its method of paying respect to the past by helping to create beautiful futures for couples, helps make weddings at this venue a distinctive, remarkable experience like no other.


Ichi Ni Nana

— Victorian Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations

127 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 3065
This offbeat, eclectic Fitzroy wedding venue promotes itself as “thinking outside the box”, and this is certainly a case of truth in advertising, as its quirky, colourful surroundings, scrumptious selection of Japanese dishes, and wide selection of available indoor and outdoor spaces for hosting ceremonies and receptions, make a wedding here an experience like no other. Through its lively décor, extraordinary layout, and splashes of primary colour adorning the venue, this vibrant location is a fantastic backdrop for couples looking to host a marvellous wedding ceremony, filled with fantastic photo opportunities, quirky moments, and great conversation starters.
What really stands out about this fantastic wedding venue is how it truly is like no other – with its vibrant selection of ornately designed furniture, gorgeous bamboo gardens and incredible building which pays tribute to a range of different architectural designs and styles, weddings hosted here are fantastic fun, and can produce many quirky, happy memories that you can treasure forever.


Roomba’s @ Mt Aitken

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33 Cadana Road, Gisborne South, 3437.
Located in the stunning, scenic Gisborne South area of the Macedon Ranges, Roomba’s offers a quaint, rustic wedding experience a little different from your typical wedding, with the bonus of not having to travel too far to get there. Located just outside of Melbourne’s outer suburbs, Roomba’s is a gorgeous rural property perfect for both weddings and receptions. It offers a selection of three totally unique ceremony locations, including a gorgeous gazebo, an ostentatious oak room, and a wondrous wine shed.
What distinguishes Roomba’s from other rustic wedding venues? For starters, they offer an onsite golf buggy to cart guests around from one site to another, and they also have gorgeous retro features, such as a 1964 Massey Ferguson tractor and an almost 90-year-old Ute, both available for wonderful photo snaps which work at distinguishing your wedding photography, making it truly unique to your day.
Roomba’s also offers onsite guesthouse accommodation and lovely bridal rooms, making it a wedding venue unlike any other. For couple’s looking for a lovely, one-of-a-kind wedding experience, this venue might be just what they are after.

A unique wedding provides a lifetime of happy memories
One of the key benefits of hosting a unique, slightly offbeat, wedding is that it reassures friends and family that the day will be an enjoyable, non-stressful, experience. A wedding at one of these venues demonstrates that the couple want their big day to be a hassle-free, inclusive event for all. Further, a wedding like this creates a lifetime of joyful, heartfelt memories, that can be treasured forever. The elation on your faces as you both feed a giraffe. The gorgeous carnival backdrop that illuminated your ceremony, making the bride appear radiant. The exquisite castle that provided many gorgeous, private rooms for couples to enjoy a quiet moment together amidst the proceedings.

These are the kinds of memories that can be treasured forever, and by utilising the services of professional Melbourne wedding photographers and videographers, you can create wonderful, long-lasting mementos of the big day. So, if you want your wedding to be a little different, but still a fun, wonderful time for everyone, then consider hosting it at one of these charming venues. Doesn’t that sound like the ideal way to mark the start of your lifelong journey together?

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