Wedding Videography

A wedding day street corner kiss

Walking down the block in pure bliss

Nothing could be more meaningful and true

With those joyful cheers when they said “I DO”

The Stolen Gem’s rooftop view of the sky and the city Is witness to Violeta and Kiren’s day that is meant to be. With laughter and dancing and celebrating all around Nothing could beat the love that these two have found.

Captured forever, these will be Violeta and Kiren’s most poignant wedding day memories. Congratulations to both of you.

Venue: The Stolen Gem @thestolengem Wedding Videography by T-ONE IMAGE Melbourne

Coming together on that fateful and beautiful October day

The drumbeats echoing the beating of Eda and Firat’s hearts

As Eda walks down the stone path leading up to Firat’s way

Their world now entwined, their new journey starts.

Surrounded by love, Eda and Firat’s heart glowed like firestones. They lighted up inside, sparks flew and ignited through the night. The beautiful Metropolis Venue is witness to the celebration of love Their lives, now together as they look on the beautiful horizon from above.

These beautiful moments captured depicts just how much joy these two have on that October day.

Venue: Metropolis Events @metropolisevents

No sight could be more touching than seeing the man you love shedding tears of joy on your wedding day.

And there is no sweeter moment than waiting for the woman you will spend the rest of your life with walking your way.

Holding hands, symbolizing that they will walk through life together. Natalie and Lee both know that from then on, their love will grow stronger. The Luminare’s sky deck, amazing view of the bay and the city. A perfect sunset befitting a perfect day, there is no place Natalie and Lee would rather be.

Wedding Venue: Luminare Wedding Photography T-ONE IMAGE Melbourne

Overlooking the vastness of nature, a place of beauty and peace. Marked the day of Alana and Jordan’s wedding at Marnong Estate.

As Alana walking through the path, enveloped in beautiful greenery. With Jordan waiting at the end for that sweet moment when Alana arrived.

Their love is encompassing, perfectly defined by the place they chose for their celebration. Making Jordan feel on top of the world as he held his Alana. Alana overflowing with the love she will share with her Jordan.

As the sun sets, it is not the end. But a new beginning, tomorrow.

Venue: Marnong Estate @marnongestate

Melbourne Wedding Film

Stephanie & John Location: Vogue Ballroom Each marriage has its story and with carrying on a tradition going back so many generations, it is made extra special. A day filled with joy and blessings for Stephanie & John’s union. Truly a privilege to be able to experience those moments with you guys!

Matara & Gavin Location: The Park When we try to define love, it can be difficult to place into words. But when you see Matara & Gavin together, what words do we need? Topped with magical views of Albert Park Lake & a stairway to heaven by @thepark_melbourne, it was easy to capture the blooming love the newlyweds showed towards each other.

Mariah & Christopher Location: Meadowbank Estate There’s a belief that rain on your wedding is good luck because it signifies an everlasting marriage. Why? Because a knot that’s wet is extremely hard to untie! It was all smiles from everyone, and nothing could dampen the celebrations! Dancing and singing away into the night at the enchanting @meadowbank_estate! Congrats to Mariah & Christopher!

Athena & Kosta Location: Meadowbank Estate A grand moment of happiness is feltby everyone who attended Athena and Kosta's wedding. Groom's adoring stares for his one and only, and bride's dainty smiles that match the intrinsic floral arrangement in their reception at Meadowbank Estate. Snippets from their wedding draw love's powerful force.

Kristina & Vlad Location: Meadowbank Estate With leafy green trees in the streets of Melbourne, everything felt so perfect as the lovely couple walked down the streets. Almost as if time froze just for them! As celebrations were taken to the @meadowbank_estate it was the perfect place to commemorate the union. As for the couples’ first dance, everyone was in awe of Kristina & Vlad’s magical moment. Wishing you both a lifetime filled with laughter and love.

Simona & Tim Location: Crown Classy, elegant & simply stunning. Just some of the many words that come to mind when we think of Simona & Tim’s big day. As the couple embark on a new chapter, we were blessed to be a part of their union and as you can see, it was so perfect! @crown was the only fitting place for the couple to hold their celebration. Such professionalism and views that are unique to them!

Brigette & Edward Location: Windmill Gardens Both Brigette & Edward spent the hours right before their big moment with those nearest and dearest to them. Bridesmaids who helped Brigette look amazing, and groomsmen who helped Edward celebrate the next chapter of his life. Surrounded by beautiful gardens & natural scenery extending all around @windmillgardensofficial, it was the perfect location. Thanks for having us!

Sarah & Ahmad Location: White Stone Wow! A truly remarkable day for Sarah & Ahmad. No matter the circumstances, they did not let anything get in the way! They were surrounded by loved ones all day, celebrating their union and marking a new beginning of their lives. @whitestoneevents provided a space that was like entering into a fairytale! Congratulations again and it was a pleasure to capture all the special moments.

Analise & Mark Location: Aerial Lookout! There’s a new duo in town! There was so much love and joy between Analise & Mark, it felt like they lit up Melbourne – an entire day filled with laughter, love and happiness. Not one moment without smiles! @Aerial provided an extraordinary venue with one of the best city views. An 180 degree view of the Bolte Bridge and Docklands. Wishing for both your smiles to never end!

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