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3 tips for a successful winter wedding!

Planning a winter wedding in Melbourne can seem daunting with Melbourne’s unreliable weather and routines. We have all the best tips for planning ahead and making your winter wedding absolutely perfect. There are many practical things which can make your wedding photographs stunning, and they’ll similarly have positive effects on the rest of the wedding too, cutting out any potentially troublesome events. It’s important to remember that you must carefully consider your choice of venue, in order to keep guests warm and dry, and get the most out of your wedding photography through smart decisions.

  1.  Finding the best reception venue.

As the weather in a Melbourne winter is so unpredictable, the choice of the venue can make or break your level of success. A good wedding photographer will be able to advise you on the appropriate venues in Melbourne that will allow for good photos. There are many options, including grand mansions with open fires, tents beneath fairy lights, or function rooms decked out with flowers and beautiful details. If you’d prefer an outdoor venue, unsure you have an indoor back-up venue in case the weather turns and threatens your function.

It may be beneficial to have an indoor venue to prevent any guests getting cold. It’s harder to have a good time when you’re focused on keeping warm. It’s also important to consider the distance between the ceremony and the reception. There’s nothing worse than dashing through the rain in a panic to keep your clothes dry.

  1.  The wedding timeline.

A unique aspect of a winter wedding is that it’s timeline may be different to a spring or summer wedding. As good Melbourne wedding photographers know, the lighting conditions in winter are very different to that of other seasons. Make sure you talk to your photographer about how long they’ll need to capture your perfect moments in these conditions. You can then plan your ceremony around this, as your photographer will be able to advise you on the best lighting conditions during the chosen time. They’ll also be able to use this information to make preparations for the kind of shots that will work best at your special wedding day.

  1.  Winter wedding portrait photography in Melbourne.

To get the best possible portrait photos for your wedding, there are some easy choices you can make to assist your photographer. It’s best that your primary location is undercover. This way there’s always a sense of safety and you’ll ensure the best outcome. You don’t want hairstyles being blown all over the place, and everyone getting rained on while trying to pose.

This means that a beach location in winter is probably best to avoid. Sand being whipped around may create an interesting dramatic shot, but it’s probably not what you’re after. You also may want to bring a jacket to throw on between photos too. There are so many stunning, cosy and even majestic locations in Melbourne for winter photographer where your photographer can do their best work with you.

Duüet Wedding Photography can provide you with the best wedding photography in Melbourne. We’ve had many years of experience photographing winter weddings and know we’ll be able to help you capture your special day in the stunning way you deserve. To discuss your wedding, contact us today.


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