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Six Tips for the Perfect Summer Wedding .

It’s a dream to have a warm, sunny, summer wedding. The singing birds, blue skies and golden sunsets create a sense of magic and romance. The venues choices are endless, and everything is picture perfect. However, it’s important to keep in mind a few tips that will make sure your wedding doesn’t catch alight in the summer sun.

Stay Cool.

A wedding often consists of either standing or sitting, or both, for a prolonged period of time. Don’t let your guests roast outside, and make sure you provide some heat relief. Have an usher pass out small cold hand towels or scatter decorative ice buckets filled with bottles of water. At the reception, make sure water is always in close proximity to all the dancing action!

Save The Date!

Not only is summer time the perfect wedding season, it’s also prime holiday season! Especially with families of school-aged kids, it’s so important to send your date out as soon as possible (six to eight months early), so everyone can mark their calendars and plan accordingly.

Light Food.

Hot weather and heavy food don’t mix. Fresh produce, grilled entrees and plenty of fruit is always the way to go in summer. Frozen cocktails and even ice pops are always a fun bonus. Even though you’re planning months ahead, the best weddings are planned when you’re in the right mindset – image it’s a 37-degree Melbourne day.

Avoid Direct Sun.

Don’t start your outdoor ceremony at midday. With the sun at its strongest, your guests will be aching to get back inside after the ceremony. The perfect plan is to schedule dinner at sunset, and then work the rest of the event around that timing. This way you’ll also be able to guarantee ideal lighting for your wedding photography portraits.

Don’t Forget to Dress Accordingly.

You want to feel comfortable and confident, not hot and bothered. Choose a wedding dress that’s light and breathable. Resist the urge for a traditional ballgown – trust us, you’ll thank us later. Make sure your suit is fair-toned, linen is very light too. No one wants the groom to raise his arms to dance and have large sweat patches.

The Sun is Strong.

Don’t. Forget. Sun. Protection. The slightest bit of sunburn can ruin your makeup, photos and confidence throughout the day. Consider wearing a moisturiser and foundation or powder that contains SPF. For the guests, include a basket with sunscreen and bug spray!


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