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Fun and Unconventional Wedding Ideas!

Of course, the main point of your wedding is for you and your partner to tie the knot, but what if you could go beyond that and plan the biggest, craziest and most fun party ever! Who knows, maybe some of these ideas could be just the thing to create an unforgettable night for you and your guests.

Carnival Food.

Everyone will be expecting a particular style meal, with elegant flavours and combinations. Swapping that typical menu for a colourful and exciting carnival menu, with foods such as burgers, fairy floss, and hot dogs, is a great way to get everyone into your fun theme.

Superhero Groomsmen.

Why not spunk up your groomsmen style and have them dress as a collection of superheroes! Maybe throughout the wedding they could even have a surprise reveal!

Candyland Dessert Station.

Satisfy your inner child and set up a fun and colourful dessert station. This will definitely be one for the ‘gram.

Release Your Inner Fan Boy.

Obsessed with a series? Show the world how much it means to you by theming your wedding. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can have costumes and props, and your decorations can be styled perfectly to suit.

Celebrity Impersonator.

While it’s a bit hard to have Michael Jackson perform for you at your wedding night, it is possible to have a celebrity impersonator. It’s always an exciting moment when a celebrity walks onto the dance floor and everyone can get involved.

Pets Allowed.

Bring your dog or cat to your ceremony, it’s always a crowd pleaser. Maybe it could even have a special role!

Jumping Castle.

Getting bored of the sit-down dinners of everyone else’s wedding? This is your chance to create an unforgettable night and invite everyone to relive their childhood and climb onboard a jumping castle.

Custom Cake Toppers.

Enhance your creativity on a typical wedding element by customising your cake topper with a sense of humour.

Be Yourself.

Most importantly, be yourself. If you don’t feel like dressing up in a dress or suit – don’t! This is your day to celebrate your love, your way. The choice is yours!


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