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Find The Ideal Location For The Perfect Melbourne Wedding

Is your idea of a perfect wedding one held at a gorgeous, picturesque, rural estate, where you exchange nuptials in a beautiful outdoor ceremony as the sun sets on you and your guests? Or would prefer to get married at a historic, stunning venue, with traditional architecture that pays tribute to culture and history? Whatever your preference, Melbourne has the perfect wedding venue for you.

As professional Melbourne wedding photographers, we love helping couples create picture perfect memories of their special day. When meeting with couples, we sometimes get asked for a recommendation about the ‘perfect wedding location’ in Melbourne and providing a simple answer to that is like answering how long a piece of string is. It depends on your personal preferences, ideas, beliefs, and values. Once you have worked out what YOU want out of a perfect wedding, finding the ideal location becomes easier.

However, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing one thing; no matter what your preference, or your ideas about what makes the ideal wedding location, Melbourne is a fantastic place to host a wedding, as it has the perfect combination of gorgeous historical buildings, photogenic, rustic estates, and elegant, extravagant, modern architecture.

Here are some of our favourite Melbourne wedding locations, which provide a combination of picturesque rural environments and hip inner-city locations, all of which act as an amazing backdrop for your ceremony, and provide some terrific photo opportunities.

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