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How to Feel Confident Getting Photographed on Your Wedding Day.

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little flustered and nervous in front of the camera – especially if it’s for something as special as your wedding day. At T-ONE IMAGE, we have been helping customers prepare for their wedding photographs in Melbourne for many years, which means we can help you make sure you’re looking like your natural, and beautiful, self in your photos.

While of course it’s easier said than done, feeling confident in front of the camera is the key to creating beautifully candid photographs, and to avoiding looking stiff or scared. If this sounds like something you struggle with, and makes your stomach turn, worry not! – the team at T-ONE IMAGE have the perfect tips to transform those nerves into outstanding confidence! If you feel confident and positive about getting your pictures taken, you can rest assured that your wedding photographs will capture the happiness and spirit of your perfect day.

  1.   Trust Your Photographer

Our photographers at T-ONE IMAGE are here to help you look your best! As long as you trust your photographer, we can ensure that you look comfortable and relaxed. Our job is to find the best angle, the best poses and the best space that works for you! All you need to do is stay calm and have a great time.

You can even do some research on our photographers and see some of their work in advance – this can make the process an absolute breeze and spark some ideas about how you want your photos to look and feel. Your photographer will listen to what you want and direct you in the best way so that your photos reflect the love, joy and happiness of your occasion.

  1.   Look Like Yourself

We know you want to look as glamorous and ‘perfect’ as possible on your big day, but make sure you still feel like yourself. The secret to finding this balance is to stick your natural style as much as possible. Understandably, weddings are a very special occasion, but there’s no point feeling uncomfortable or wearing something that doesn’t feel like your style.

If you’re not a dress person – wear a suit! Don’t like being overly dressed – go for a simple and classic design. Don’t like wearing white – choose another colour, it’s that easy. It’s important to remember that so much of your outer confidence comes from within. There’s no need to focus on how your outfit will look in the photographs, just be yourself and we’ll make it work perfectly!

  1.   Have Fun with It

This is your wedding day! That’s the most important thing to remember. This is all for you and your partner, so be sure to enjoy it. If you’re having fun you are guaranteed to look happy, confident and carefree in your photographs. Contemplating and stressing about all the details will only add to the stress of the whole day, and you’ll risk that translating into the photos. Let go and enjoy your time, and we’ll make sure you get the candid and perfectly framed shots you want.

With our wide range and extensive experience, you can trust and rest assured that you will be feeling your best in front of the camera. Who knows, you might even enjoy it!

Sound like a plan? Send a message to our Melbourne or Sydney teams today and let’s make great memories together!


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