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If you had to compile a list of the individual factors that make a perfect wedding what would

you include? You might say that it needs a great venue, delicious food, a stunning wedding

dress, a beautiful cake, and so on. All those things can contribute to a great wedding and,

some might say, if one were omitted then the wedding itself would be missing something.

One thing you certainly don’t want to overlook is a professional wedding photographer and

videographer; without them your special day will not be captured in the three c’s: chicly,

candidly, and completely.


A common mistake people often makes when it comes to deciding whether to contract a

Melbourne wedding photographer or videographer is believing that it is unnecessary,

deciding that one of the wedding guests can just film the wedding from their iPhone or

personal camera. This is a mistake unless the person offering to do this is a professional with

wedding photography experience, as there is no guarantee the photos will be shot on

appropriate equipment. Not to mention issues regarding whether the guest is committed to

working throughout the day, has a keen eye for great photo opportunities, knows how to

effectively frame photographs so that there is a clear focal point that the eye is drawn to, and

so on.


Would you ask your neighbour, who has minimal experience baking chocolate cakes, to

make an elaborate three-tiered wedding cake for your special occasion? No? Not

commissioning the services of a professional wedding photographer or videographer is like

that scenario, as without them you have no assurance that your special day will be preserved

forever through beautiful pictures that capture the range of emotions the bride and groom

experienced on their special day.


A picture tells a thousand words


By commissioning a professional Melbourne wedding photographer and videographer, you

have an assurance that you will be provided with wedding photography and videography that

tells a visual story of two individuals so committed to each other that they unite as one.

Specifically, a professional wedding photographer can:

Provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all the factors

needed to produce photos of a professional standard have been considered. The

services of a professional photographer bring so much more to the table than

someone’s time and equipment. It brings you a professional eye, skilled in finding and

creating ideal photo opportunities, someone who understands how to ensure the

individual elements within the frame all complement each other, someone who knows

how to effectively utilise both natural and artificial lighting, and someone who is

committed to working throughout your entire wedding to ensure no special moment is


Provide you with beautiful, permanent mementos of your special day. Professional

wedding photographers can do much more than simply providing the couple with

amazing photos of their day; they can also discuss some of the available ways these

memories can be delivered, and establish the preferences of the couple. Whether it be

a gorgeous coffee-table book, a short wedding video over which plays the couple’s

favourite song, or a collection of photos highlighting the special events of the day in a

mixture of traditional and hip post-modern stylings, a professional wedding

photographer works to understand your needs, and then produces high-quality work

that exceeds your expectations.

Continue to work on your photos after the wedding day, to ensure that they are

presented to you as beautifully as possible. The work of a professional wedding

photographer does not stop once the ceremony is over. After, they will examine their

photos with a keen eye to ensure everything is framed perfectly, that the venue

lighting does not wash out the colours, that the bride and groom look radiant, and so

  1. They will edit the photos to crop out potentially distracting objects, ensuring that

every picture perfectly commemorates the occasion.

In short, a professional wedding photographer is there to work with you, support you, and

ensure their service delivery exceeds your expectations. They can chat with you, hear your

ideas and plans for your perfect wedding, and then takes steps to ensure it is wonderfully


A completely different photographic style would be utilised at an intimate, rustic wedding

over a large, traditional Catholic Church wedding, so you will be able to chat with them about

what makes your wedding unique, and they can discuss with you an effective way to create

a permanent visual record of the occasion.

If you would like to know more about how professional Melbourne wedding photography

and videography services can help make your wedding day all that more special, then get in

touch with us today. We will be able to chat with you about your wedding ideas and how you

want it to be elegantly captured, thus ensuring you will be able to permanently preserve these

memories. Isn’t that a great way to say ‘I Do’?

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