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How to Feel Confident Getting Photographed on Your Wedding Day


T-One Image have been photographing weddings in Melbourne for many years, which means we know how nervous some people can get in front of the camera. Nerves can mean risking looking stiff or scared in your photographs, which definitely isn’t ideal for trying to capture one of the happiest days of your life.


While it’s easier said than done, feeling confident in front of the camera is the key to shooting beautifully candid photographs. If the thought of posing in front of a lens makes your stomach turn, then have no fear – the team at T-One Image have come up with some helpful tips to turn those nerves into unbelievable confidence. After all, if you feel confident and positive about the experience of getting your photo taken, then you can be guaranteed that your wedding photographs will capture the happiness and spirit of your day perfectly.


  1. Trust your photographer


You should never underestimate the power of trust between a photographer and the bride and groom – if you don’t trust that your photographer will find the best angle or know the best poses then it’s almost certain your shots will look a bit awkward and stiff (not ideal).


But if you’ve developed a good relationship with your wedding photographer (and you’ve done some research on their work), the whole shooting process can be an absolute breeze. Why? Because you know that your photographer will listen to what you want and direct you in the best way on the day so that each and every photograph you end up with reflects the love, joy and happiness of you, your partner and your wedding guests.


  1. Look Like Yourself


While it’s natural to want to look as glamorous and ‘perfect’ as possible at your wedding, it’s still very important that you feel like yourself on the day. Our tip? Stick to your natural style as much as possible. Weddings are obviously a special occasion, but there’s no point wearing a dress or suit that is out of your comfort zone purely because you think you need to look a certain way on the day.


Not a dress person normally? Wear a suit. Don’t like being overly girly? Go for a simple and classic design. Not a fan of white? Don’t wear white. It’s that easy.


It’s simple really – if you try to wear something you don’t feel entirely comfortable or confident in, you won’t look confident in your photographs. You could be too busy wondering if you look good or not or how your outfit will look in your shots rather than focussing on having a good time with your significant other, and guess what? Worrying about how you look and getting photographed isn’t a good combination.


  1. Have fun With It


It’s your wedding day! Which is the most important thing to remember when you’re getting photographed. It’s your day, so all you need to worry about it having fun and enjoying time with your new wife or husband. If you do that you are guaranteed to look as happy, confident and carefree in your shots as you did when you had them taken. Agonising over every minor detail of the photography process will only add to the stress of the whole day and may translate into your photographs. If you simply let go and enjoy your time you will almost certainly get the candid and perfectly framed shots you want.


In a nutshell? Trust in the process and you won’t be bothered in the slightest being in front of a camera. You might even enjoy it!


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