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There’s that gap between your wedding ceremony and reception which can be a tricky spot to fill. The biggest factor will depend on whether your ceremony and reception are being held at the same venue. These tips will help you decide what you’d like to do with the time between the ceremony and reception, while you’re having your stunning wedding photography portraits taken.




Everyone loves a bit of exciting energy and friendly competition! Setting up a game station, either outdoors or indoors, is a great way for your guests to entertain themselves. There are so many options from Jenga to mini lawn bowls.


Finger Food


Offering a canapé hour, for guest to indulge in fresh appetizers and drinks, is a fantastic way to keep guests satisfied and allow them to mingle. It is the perfect smooth transition to the atmosphere of the reception. Grazing tables are another great alternative option.




Live bands and photobooths have long been a popular entertainment option for this in-between time, however more recently couples have been trying quirkier forms of entertainment such as cartoonists, magicians and even singing waiters. As wedding photographers and videographers, we love this option! It gets everyone on their feet and moving about. We’ll be there to make sure everyone moment is captured beautifully for you to look back on for years to come.




If you have different venues, it’s important to allow enough travel time, to ensure your guests aren’t rushed or panicked working out how to get to the next destination. You may want to test the travel between your two venues at the same time your wedding is scheduled to help you gauge the correct time allowance.


If you want to skip the between ceremony and reception gap, offer suggestions of things to do in the area, such as local bars or shops, that guests can do on their own or together.


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