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Vlad & Kristina’s Wedding Video @Meadowbank Estate


Kristina and Vlad walk together along the street. A new couple, husband and wife. Kristina’s dress is embroidered like a misty morning, adorned with droplets of pearls. They prepare themselves for their big day. This will be a commemoration of them.

Loved ones celebrate them, throwing rose petals and confetti in the air. Framed by leafy green trees, the bride and groom hug on the street. A road of new beginnings. They lean in for a new kiss. The mark of a new chapter together. There is affection in their eyes and they hold each other close. Their hearts hold onto each other, never to let go.

Over time, their love has bloomed and blossomed. Now, their hearts are entwined together like the flowers in Kristina’s bouquet. At the charming venue, The Sovereign, the new couple danced slowly in each other’s arms. Now, their future holds some truly special moments that they will share together.


Melbourne Photo +Film by T-ONE IMAGE
Melbourne Wedding Venue: Meadowbank Estate

Hair: Aerial Studio
Make-up: @vivrochemakeup
Florals: Classic Bouquets
Car hire: @triplercars
Smile @mobileteethwhiteningmelbourne
Suit : @pjohnsontailors
Dress : @annetteofmelbourne
Tan : @perfect.tan.by.carol