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Savannah & Petros ‘s wedding @ Two Ton Max

Savannah and Petros’ wedding at Two Ton Max, in North Melbourne, was an ornately
traditional ceremony, with the bride, groom, and guests all getting dressed up for a day of
excitement, enjoyment, and elegance.
T-One Image’s team of specialist Melbourne wedding photographers worked at ensuring that
the individual components of the wedding – the tuxedos, the gowns, the eager anticipation,
and of course, the ceremony itself, including the gorgeous candles and chandelier, were all
captured in a gorgeous, realistic manner. The natural lighting served to highlight the radiant
glows on the faces of the newlyweds, and the big smiles evident on the guests faces clearly
showed that this was an exciting occasion for everyone.
Savannah and Petros wanted specialised Melbourne wedding photography that accurately
captured their love, what an exciting occasion this was, as well as a series of photos that
depicted a range of emotions – from the happy laughter of the reception to the warm
reflection they felt when they strolled through the nearby gardens. We are pleased that we
were able to produce satisfactory, engaging photos that met their expectations.


Photo by T-ONE IMAGE

Melbourne wedding venue : Two Ton Max

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Two Ton Max is a sensitively transformed, beautifully detailed industrial warehouse located in North Melbourne. Hidden behind an anonymous street front, it is a blank canvas you can quickly and easily transform. This is a rare opportunity to create a unique event, with your own choice of caterer and limitless options for decorating and furnishing the room.
The venue’s stunning burnished concrete floor, neutral white walls and discrete lighting are easily enhanced with additional fixtures as required. An oversize marble service bar is coupled with a commercial kitchen, sparkling bathrooms, air conditioning and other facilities, all well integrated into the venue. The vintage overhead crane (two ton max capacity) can be called into duty should it be required.
Direct street access allows for easy bump-in, ample rigging points and flexible electrical layout make it an easy venue to quickly and effectively tailor. The venue offers you the opportunity to create a unique event in the style you choose.


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