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Samantha & Daniel’s Wedding @The Conservatory Fitzroy Gardens

A sky high view of the city, a love that soars to great heights
As bright as the midday sun. A guiding light in the dark of night
Of knowing smiles that speaks volume of comfort and love
A “what if” no more, this is Samantha and Daniel’s achieved “must-have”

Embraced in the lush verdant greeneries, like a romantic secret hiding spot promising a vow to love and to hold.
Inspires and evokes the emotions called love in all of us, truth be told.
And surrounding the couple, people they hold dear, with sparkly lights to celebrate
A wonderful love story, a story of destiny and fate, a wedding day so great.

Melbourne Wedding Photo by T-One Image FB: T-One Image
Melbourne Wedding Venue @The Conservatory, Fitzroy Gardens

Make-up: Oasis Tsoi
Wedding gown: Grace Loves Lace
Celebrant: Shu Marries You
Florals: The Palmier
Floral Bouquet & Button Hole: Flowers Vasette
Entertainment: DJ Farida

One of Melbourne’s favourite tourist attractions, the Conservatory opened on the 13th of March 1930, over 80 years of providing spectacular floral displays. The Building copies the Spanish mission architectural style, measuring 30 x 15 metres and originally costing 4,000 pounds.

The Conservatory is a vital part of the City’s commitment to excellence in horticulture. There are five separate displays each year. It is visited by tourists, schools, families and anyone who wants to capture a moment of floral beauty.