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Sarah & Ahmad’s Wedding @ Whitestone Events


Sarah and Ahmad’s wedding was like a fairytale. This was their happily ever after together. Rather than a happy ending, this was the mark of a new beginning for this newly-wed couple. With a veil that reached the ground and a crown adorning her head, Sarah was Ahmad’s princess. Now she’s his queen.

A traditional wedding, surrounded by their loved ones. He holds her close, with no intention of ever letting her go. They dance in the midst of their family and friends. With sparks flying in the sky, they shared their first dance together. Forever, their special moments will be captured in wedding photos.



Melbourne Wedding Photo + Film by T-ONE Image
Melbourne Wedding Venue @ Whitestone Events

Down a quiet laneway, you’ll find one of Melbourne’s oldest Wool Mills, Nudo stands alone as the first all inclusive wedding venue.

Exposed brick walls, black timber beams, soaring saw toothed ceilings and concrete floors set the scene for a raw, fun and unique wedding and event experience.

The Wool Mill has three distinct spaces that effortlessly flow into one another: The cocktail lounge and ceremony space join together and both overlook the double height ceiling grandeur of the feasting hall. All spaces are divided with gliding 4m drapes allowing each space to feel intimate, yet connected.

Whilst listed as a blank canvas venue, The Wool Mill comes furnished with modern, chic furniture in all spaces, plus a vast collection of lush plants in oversized concrete pots. You simply need to add your finishing touches, rather than starting from scratch.