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Aziz & Beyza’s Wedding @ Sheldon Reception

The bride’s room was draped in pure white, with white roses all around the room. She was resplendent in her floral white gown. The picture of elegance and innocence. Contrasting his wife’s ivory, the groom’s room was filled with sleek black items, radiating an aura of coolness about him.

At the reception, they were paraded around the room, their loved ones celebrating, as they leant in for a kiss. They read out letters straight from their hearts out loud, adding the post scriptum, ‘I love you’. The theme of every love story and every wedding. Three words that change the worlds of two lives forever.


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Melbourne Wedding Venue @ Sheldon Reception

On your wedding day, of all days, it is essential that everything be perfect. Sheldon Reception is family owned and operated and is commited to providing an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

With three sumptuous reception rooms, catering for 70-650 people, you are assured of a totally professional appproach to working with us to plan your special day.

Entrust your wedding reception to Sheldon and it will truly be an Unforgettable Story to be told.